❖ On Assignment? Here’s How to Stay Connected With Family & Friends ❖

One of the questions we often receive from new clients is “How does the booking and billing process work?”
The truth is it could not be simpler.
Below are the easy steps in our process, from the moment you receive your travel dates until you are settled and productive in your new assignment.


On Assignment? Here’s How to Stay Connected With Family & Friends 1

Truthfully, if you have any kind of face-to-face app, this will work. You can use FaceTime, you can Skype, you can do anything as long as you can see your family back home.
Before you leave, make sure that your spouse, kids or friends have a laptop, computer, or tablet with a great camera, and make sure everyone has the necessary software to handle whichever app you use. It’s important to have a good connection as well, so that everyone comes through crystal clear.





On Assignment? Here’s How to Stay Connected With Family & Friends 2

One of the best ways to connect with those you care about when you’re away is to make them feel like they’re right there with you. Naturally, when you’re traveling for business, you’re typically busy. You may not have a lot of time for sightseeing and exploring the locations you visit. Still, when possible, snap some photos.
It’s as simple as using your phone, which has apps you can use to share photos easily. Think about trying Instagram or Snapchat for starters.






Thanks to the Internet and mobile technology, it’s easier than ever to play games with people, even when you’re far away from them. Whether you have Mario Cart Tour races or play a few games of Words with Friends or Uno, you can really connect with your family and friends, especially the kids.
Having fun is essential because your family and friends need to know they’re still firmly on your mind.






Taking and sending pictures will delight those you care about, but there’s no reason not to take things one step further. Take the time to record some videos during your travels. You can do this on your mobile device with the same apps you choose to take pictures. If you see something funny or interesting, sharing it with your family will also make them feel like they’re right there with you.
Have fun! You can always take longer videos during your downtime, or capture quick home-movie style videos so your family and friends can see you when they’re missing you.




Sure, your job responsibilities may sometimes take you away, but you don’t have to feel disconnected from your family and friends. We hope these ideas will help you stay more connected on your next assignment.


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