Staying in a corporate apartment will give you the most home-like stay while you’re on a short or long-term assignment. Having more space to spread out and being able to prepare your meals at home are among the biggest benefits.
But what if I told you it could be even better?

Preparing For Your Corporate Housing Stay

Print Your Arrival Instructions
  • You will receive an email with your arrival instructions 24 hours prior to your stay.
  • The instructions will provide you with details of where the apartment is located, where to park and how to access keys for entry.
This information in the arrival instructions is very important and you want it to be easily accessible. Do yourself a favor and print the instructions before you leave home, just to be safe.

Take a Google Street View Tour of Your New Neighborhood

Familiarize yourself with landmarks near your apartment. You will feel much more comfortable finding your way there the first time if you know what the apartment community looks like.
Look for a street view of the entrance to the community so you know what the sign looks like. Also, check out what businesses are around the community. If you find yourself in heavy traffic or arriving late at night, you will be happy to see some familiar sights.
Research Grocery Stores and Pharmacies Nearby
One of the first things you’ll need to do when you get to your corporate apartment is buy a few groceries. Before you leave home, do a little research on the supermarkets nearby. You may even want to schedule an order that will be ready for pick-up when you arrive.You will also want to scope out the pharmacies in your area. If you take regular medications, be sure to have your prescriptions transferred before you leave.

Enjoy The Amenities at Your New Apartment Community

The pool is the pride of most apartment communities, and it shows. You are likely to find zero-entry pools, saltwater pools, private cabanas that you can rent for the day, and sometimes even a staffed tiki bar. Fitness Centers at our communities come with all kinds of high-end equipment. You’ll usually find some combination of weight machines, exercise balls, and free weights to go along with the cardio machines.

Make Yourself at Home

Enjoy home-cooked meals
Our apartments are equipped with a full kitchen and all the cookware needed to make and serve a meal. This means you can keep your healthy diet on track by preparing your own meals.
Bring reminders of home
Stave off home-sickness by bringing a few of your favorite things with you. A pillow from your bed, your alarm clock, or photos of your family can make your temporary housing feel homier.
By following these suggestions, you are bound to have a fantastic stay with us. To learn more about corporate housing and the benefits of working with Luxury Corporate Lodging, feel free to send me an email today!
Have a great day !
Jill Whittaker
President, Luxury Corporate Lodging