Staying at a temporary apartment, the majority of the maintenance will fall on the property. However, you can still perform small maintenance during your stay to ensure the best possible experience in your unit. 

Here are some apartment maintenance tips for people staying in temporary housing. 

Clean The Dryer Vent After Each Use 

A majority of apartments through Luxury Corporate Lodging come with a washer/dryer in the unit so that you can conveniently wash your clothes. 

The dryer in your unit comes with a lint catcher that collects the loose material from your clothing. This lint gathers until it impacts the dryer’s airflow and even creates a fire hazard. 

Test Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide Detectors Regularly 

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are safety features to protect residents from the gas of fire or a carbon monoxide leak. 

Test the fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your unit once a month to ensure that they are working properly. Most models have a test button easily accessible for this purpose. 

Clean The Air Filter In The Interior HVAC Unit 

Your unit’s HVAC system provides the unit with heat and cooling. As it transports air, a filter in the interior unit will collect the dust and debris in the air. You should remove and clean the filter every month or two, especially during periods of high use. 

Be Mindful Of What You Dispose Of Down The Drain

Your home away from home includes a full kitchen and cooking essentials so that you can cook for yourself. When you cook, you may need to dispose of coking waste, such as grease and food scraps. However, you need to be mindful of what you dispose of down the drain before it causes a drain clog down the line. 

Grease, oil, and fat are particularly damaging to drains as they stick to the drains and collect more material over time. Always dispose of grease, oil, and fat in a dedicated container that you throw away in the garbage when full. 

You also don’t want to dispose of chemicals down the drain, as the chemicals can dissolve the pipe material. 

Your toilet impacts your drains, too. Avoid sending wipes and feminine products down the drain, as they don’t dissolve naturally on their own. 

Use All-Natural Enzymatic Drain Cleaners Regularly 

Even if you only dispose of items down the drains as recommended, you can still experience slow drains if you don’t stay on top of the situation. 

Some people wait until a clog already happens then use chemical drain cleaners to break up the clog. Unfortunately, most chemical drain cleaners are only made for emergency use, as the chemicals can cause pipes to oxidize. 

Instead, try using enzymatic drain cleaners once a month as part of your regular cleaning routine. Enzymatic drain cleaners are made from natural enzymes and bacteria, so they are completely safe for your drains. However, enzymatic drain cleaners are not the best option for stubborn drain clogs. 

Wipe Down Plumbing Fixtures With A Rust Cleaner 


Your plumbing fixtures, such as your faucets and showerhead, can accumulate sediment, which can clog the fixtures, impacting water flow. Keep your fixtures clean by treating them with rust remover on a regular basis. 

Eliminate Moisture To Reduce Mold 

Mold is unsightly, and, in some cases, it can even be a health hazard. Most types of mold thrive in warm, humid climates, which is why you often find mold in basements and bathrooms. Of course, mold can grow in other places, too, if the conditions are right. 

You can clean small mold development with bleach, but prevention is the best way to fight mold. 

You can prevent mold growth by reducing excess moisture in your home. Pick up any puddles on your bathroom floor after a shower and pull the curtain all the way open to let it dry. You should also close plumbing fixtures completely to prevent dripping. 

Dust, Vacuum, And Ventilate To Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in the home is especially important due to the amount of time we spend there. Our home also has contained walls, meaning that pollutants remain in the air in a higher concentration than outside. 

You can remove a large portion of the dust and other pollutants in the air by cleaning regularly. In particular, you want to dust the home’s surfaces and vacuum at least once a week. 


One of the great things about staying with Luxury Corporate Lodging is that you aren’t responsible for a majority of the maintenance in your unit. 

If you have a maintenance problem during your stay with us, let our team know. We’ll be happy to address the issue for you!