The past few weeks many parts of our country has been ravaged by excessive rain, storms, and wildfires. One of the most common reasons claims are denied are fraud prevention. Here are a few tips and reminders provided to you by FEMA.


After a disaster, scam artists, identity thieves, and other criminals often attempt to take advantage of disaster survivors. We encourage survivors to watch for and report any suspicious activity.

Here are a few ways you can report disaster fraud immediately:

Contact the FEMA Fraud Investigations and Inspections Division
Fax: 202-212-4926
U.S. Department of Justice, National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF)
Phone: 866-720-5721

A FEMA inspector came to my home, but I didn’t apply for FEMA assistance. What should I do?

Let the inspector know you did not apply for assistance. If the inspector has left, call the FEMA helpline at 800-621-3362 to tell them that you did not apply. FEMA will stop all further processing for the application. If you use a relay service, such as your videophone, Innocaption or CapTel, please provide your specific number assigned to that service. It is important that FEMA is able to contact you, and you should be aware phone calls from FEMA may come from an unidentified number.


Stay Informed

During each disaster it’s important to stay tuned to local media and trusted local and federal social media for current updates about ongoing disasters with tips on disaster fraud.
If something makes you feel uncomfortable, check with FEMA or local law enforcement to ensure your identity is protected.
If you or your family finds yourself in a situation where you are facing a disaster and need assistance, we hope these tips are helpful. As always, please remember Luxury Corporate Lodging is fully committed to supporting our FEMA guests and is always just a phone call away!
Jill Whittaker
President, Luxury Corporate Lodging