We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to get the most out of your space. If you’re planning to stay in a corporate apartment, don’t fret. You can maximize your available storage and organize your belongings with a few clever tricks.

Space Saving Hangers

Space-saving hangers are a great way to increase your hanging space. They allow you to hang multiple items on one hanger, freeing up space in your closet. If you’re dealing with a minimal amount of closet space, investing in these hangers will help to keep your clothes off the floor.

Use Over-The-Door Hooks

If your rental has a door, consider using over-the-door hooks to hang items such as jackets, bags, and hats. There are even some that provide you with ample storage for folded clothing. These hooks are a great way to keep your belongings off the floor and out of the way while also freeing up closet space.

Utilize Vertical Space

Make use of the vertical space in your closet by installing shelves or hanging organizers. Both options provide a great way to store shoes, bags, and other items that would otherwise take up valuable floor space. Like over-the-door hooks, these easy-to-install storage solutions are a great way to keep your clothes nice and organized.

Fold Clothes Neatly

Folding clothes neatly and stacking them on shelves, in drawers, or a hanging organizer will save space and keep your belongings organized. Consider using space-saving vacuum bags for seasonal items such as coats and winter gear.

Store Items Under The Bed

If your rental has a bed with ample space under it, consider using it for storage. You can store luggage, shoes, and seasonal clothing under the bed. These items are safer under your bed than spread across the floor or over the back of a chair. Keep your walkways clean and furniture free of clothing. A tidy space will help keep your mind on business.

Label Everything

Labeling your storage containers and boxes will help you stay organized and find what you need quickly, which is especially important in a short-term rental where you may be in and out frequently. Fast access to the perfect accessory is essential when trying to make a good impression.
By following these tips, you can maximize your closet space in a short-term rental and keep your belongings organized. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a well-organized closet will make your stay more comfortable and stress-free
Jill Whittaker
President, Luxury Corporate Lodging